5 Signs You Need To Remove a Palm Tree

5 Signs You Need To Remove a Palm Tree

You can’t live in Florida without seeing a palm tree almost every day. Even if you don’t have one on your own property, you’re going to see them somewhere else close by.

Did you know they are over 2,500 species of palm trees? That’s right! Palm trees range in size and hardiness.

Although there’s even a species of palm tree that can survive in Alaska, the palm tree is quite popular in Florida and a wonderful option for many home and business owners. As beautiful as these trees are, there can come a time when palm tree removal is needed because the tree no longer brings value to your property.

If you find yourself debating if you should consider palm tree stump removal, then you’ll need to know all of the signs point to removal as the best option. In this guide, there are 5 signs you need palm tree removal.

Continue reading to find all the information you need to make a final decision.

1. It’s Infested With Pests

There are going to be insects and other critters on your tree. Bugs live outside and will therefore find their way to the palm tree. Spotting a bug here and there on your tree is normal.

What’s not normal is a tree infested with pests.

What’s the difference between a normal insect climbing on your tree and an infestation of pests?

There are specific insects that tend to infest and slowly kill palm trees, and those are the ones you need to be on the lookout for. These pests include the following:

  • caterpillars
  • palm aphids
  • sucking insects
  • spider mites
  • mealybugs

If not caught in the early phases, these insects can damage a tree to the point of necessary removal. If you believe your palm tree is infested with any of these insects, then you’ll want to contact a palm tree removal service as soon as possible.

2. It’s Suffering From Disease

When a palm tree grows an infection or suffers from a disease, it’s essential to take notice of this in the early stages. Unfortunately, a tree with an infection is contagious and can spread the infection to nearby trees if not removed quickly. There are several different infections and diseases that trees can suffer from.

It’s important to know a few signs of tree infection or disease so you can try to treat it. Here are some signs of infection to look out for.

  • discolored or wilting palms
  • unhealthy-looking crown
  • leaf spots
  • bud rot

If you’re unable to treat it in time, then this is another reason to have the tree removed. Failure to remove the tree could lead to infections in other trees nearby.

3. It’s No Longer Living

Have you noticed lifeless limbs on your tree? Some dead or browning palms don’t automatically mean you need to remove the tree. The palms can become damaged due to several reasons, such as temperature changes or natural disasters.

When only a few branches are damaged, you won’t have to worry about removing the tree. If the damage is extensive, then you might need to consider entire tree removal.

How can you tell if a tree is no longer alive? There are a few signs.

  • there’s root damage
  • there are few healthy palms left
  • the lack of nutrients (soil test)

Once a palm tree is no longer living, you’ll want to contact your tree removal service to have it removed quickly.

4. Its Roots Are Taking Over

Unfortunately, there are times when a palm tree’s roots become too large and take over the yard. When this happens, damage can occur to your property. You’ll also need to be concerned about your plumbing since the roots can cause damage to pipes in the ground.

Whether it’s plumbing damage or structural damage, not removing the tree before these damages happen could be costly. You may start to worry about the tree’s roots when you begin to see them lifting up out of the ground. If you do notice some of its roots lifting up, then be sure to contact a palm tree removal service to have them determine if the tree needs to be removed or not.

5. It’s No Longer Wanted

Trees on your property can bring many benefits. There also might be times when you simply no longer want the tree on your property. Maybe you’re renovating the landscaping or building onto your current structure.

Whatever the case might be, if you no longer want the tree on your property, then it’s time to have it removed. This doesn’t mean you have to cause damage to a healthy tree. When working with professionals, the tree can be removed and relocated without causing any damages.

This is another option to consider if you need to have a tree removed from a certain area but would like to move it to another area on your property.

Are You in Need of Palm Tree Removal in Venice, FL?

As beautiful as palm trees are, sometimes it’s best to remove them from your property. These 5 signs of needed tree removal listed above are a great starting place. Be sure to review all of these signs before deciding if palm tree removal is right for you.

If you’re ever in doubt about the situation and need advice, or if you’re ready to have the tree removed, contact ACI Land and Aquatic. We have 15 years of experience and won’t leave until the job is done right!

Contact us today to get started and receive a free estimate.

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