DIY Tree Removal Hazards

DIY Tree Removal Hazards

Do you need a tree removed? Are you unsure if you can do it yourself?

DIY tree removal is a risky business. There are a wide number of dangers that can only be avoided with knowledge and experience. But, do you know the real dangers of DIY?

If you are looking for the right way to take down a tree in Venice, Florida, keep reading for the dangers you face and the ways a professional can help you avoid them.

The Most Common Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

DIY tree cutting relies on your personal knowledge and experience in tree removal. If you’re living in Venice, Florida, and you’re inexperienced with tree removal you face a variety of dangers from disabled ladders to falling limbs. Let’s explore the most common dangers of doing it yourself.

Improper Equipment

The first pitfall of DIY tree removal depends on the ladder you use. If you aren’t at the proper height you risk being over-leveraged by large branches. You will need a ladder that is specialized for tree removal to get started.

Many trees growing in Venice, Florida, can reach above 50 feet. Trees at this height can pose a major threat to your home unless you have the right tools.

In gist, you run the risk of injury if you don’t have a ladder that exceeds the height of branches by 3 feet. A professional service is better equipped to avoid this potential mistake.

Next, unless you have the right tree cutting tools you are at risk of seriously hurting yourself. Moreover, if you’re inexperienced then cutting branches at the wrong spot or angle becomes a reality. This can result in unhealthy cuts that aren’t good for the tree and personal injury.

Many DIY workers use dull pruners, chainsaws, and other equipment to cut limbs. This creates havoc for the health of the tree. It also raises your chances of losing your balance on a ladder. You should contact a trained team of professionals before you try cutting a branch by yourself.

So far we’ve discussed limb cutting, but whole tree removal is far more dangerous for untrained people. If you don’t have the right protective gear then your odds of getting hurt will raise exponentially. Furthermore, you need a whole sequence of tools to properly dispose of a tree.

You will need pruners, chainsaws, leveraging equipment, and even wood chippers. Lastly, many natives of Venice, Florida, don’t have enough experience with forests and trees like members of other states. The proper tools are expensive and hard to use if you’re new to tree removal.

The Problems of Falling Trees

Many homes in Venice, Florida, are in harm’s way of tree fall. Even if you have the right tools the dangers of DIY outweigh your odds once a tree begins to fall. Powerlines and valuable structures are all fair game for trees falling path.

It takes time to learn how to guide a tree to a safe destination, something that little experience will not teach you.

Dead Wood and Residual Pieces

Many trees are full of dead patches of wood. These areas can make cutting a tree extremely dangerous, as you will lose the sense of a tree’s center of gravity and its destination. Even if you prepare for this, it takes years of practice to identify just how decayed a tree is.

For example, if you’re doing this yourself it takes time to spot the degree of decay. Some spots might fall easy as the rest while other decay will make the tree completely unstable.

Popular trees in Venice, Florida like the Black Olive or Live Oak Tree might require different techniques for removal. In cases like these, it’s best to report to a professional about the types of trees on your lot.

The Cleanup

It can take days, sometimes weeks to clean up after tree removal. That’s because you must cut and remove the tree in sections for easier transport. This can be a long and arduous process when you’re alone.

If you live along the coast in Venice, Florida, it can be even harder to clean up trees out of the water or on beachsides. Your best bet is to hire a team that can cut down the tree, portion it, and hauls the pieces away. This will save many hours of your time.

What a Professional Service Can Do for You

A professional service can give you the guidance you need to remove any tree on your lot. They can ensure your home and surrounding area are safe when a tree is being removed, all without costing you days and weeks of your life. But, most importantly, they can get the job done by the most efficient and safe means possible.

Let’s explore some ways professional tree removal can help you in Venice, Florida.

Safety Above All Else

Tree removal specialists in Venice, Florida, are experts at safely removing trees from your property. They know what tools to bring and how to use them. They know what areas to avoid and how to avoid injuring themselves.

Compare these facts to a DIY operation and you’ll see that professional services have what it takes to put safety above all else. If you have questions along the way, such as how to know when a tree has become unsafe, they will be open to give you insights.

Knowledge and Efficiency

If you’re looking for tree removal in Venice, Florida, or any specific area, your tree specialists will know the trees they’re cutting through and through. They have experience in the trade in all the places a beginner does not. This knowledge includes how to safely cut down a tree then remove the remaining parts on your property.

You can rest assured that a trusted group of professionals can swiftly remove your problem in a fraction of the time it will take the average person. If you’re unsure where to start, calling a team you trust can make the planning process go by easier too.

Time to Trust a Quality Service

We all deserve a service we can trust. When it comes to DIY tree removal, there’s no doubt that a team of people will years of experience is the better way to go. If you have hesitation at first, try giving your team a call to get a quote and learn about the steps they’ll take.

After reading this far, you know that cutting down a tree by yourself is dangerous business. You risk damaging your home, yourself, and anything on your property. The best way for you to avoid all these problems is to put your trust in a skilled group of people.

Your job is simple. Start by picking the trees you need to be removed, call a service team in Venice, Florida, to get a quote and get the ball rolling. You’ll be happier that you did.

Don’t risk a bigger problem when there’s a solution right in front of you. Go out and make the fix!

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