Do You Have a Sick Tree? Signs You Need Tree Removal Services in Venice, FL

Do You Have a Sick Tree? Signs You Need Tree Removal Services in Venice, FL

Trees are a valuable part of your home’s landscape. They provide shade and a variety of health and environmental benefits.

But like any living thing, they’re not immune from disease or death. When your trees aren’t healthy, they can become a danger to your home and family.

If any trees on your property are showing signs of damage, you may need tree removal services. They can help you prevent further issues, avoid costly damage, and protect your property.

A sick tree needs your attention. Here are the signs to look for.

Tilting or Leaning

If you notice a tree in your yard has shifted, it’s a clear sign it needs removal. When a tree leans or tilts to one side, there’s usually some root or trunk damage.

A leaning tree may not be structurally sound and could fall, causing damage to your home, vehicles, or property.

Disease along the base of the tree can also cause it to lean. Regardless of the cause, you need a tree removal service to check out the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

Fungal Growth

Rather than just looking for structural damage, you should pay attention to anything that may be growing on a tree’s trunk or branches. Fungus grows around rotting matter.

If your tree suffers from fungal growth, you’ll see it growing from the tree’s base and moving upward. If you see mushrooms growing from a tree, it’s likely parts of the tree are dead.

If left unchecked, the fungus will continue to eat through the tree. The tree will become unstable and at risk for falling.

Decaying Bark

Bark on a tree is comparable to skin. You can tell a lot about the health of a tree by looking at the bark.

Healthy bark usually indicates a strong, healthy tree. If you see cracked or missing bark, it’s a sign of a dying tree.

Cracked bark or cankers can break off or split. This can lead to an unstable tree and result in falling branches.

One way to check your tree’s bark is with a scratch test. Try removing some bark from the base and look at the flesh underneath.

If it’s green, the bark is healthy. If it’s brown and dry, it’s unhealthy and may be decaying.

Missing leaves

Pruning your trees on a regular basis can help keep them healthy, but sometimes the situation is beyond your control. If you notice the leaves have fallen from a tree out of season, it’s a sign that the tree is not healthy enough to survive.

Trees often lose leaves and buds during the winter. However, due to warm temperatures in Venice, FL your trees should not lose all their leaves in winter. If you see bare branches, it could be a sign of pest infestation, damage, or disease preventing root absorption.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to call a professional tree removal service to assess the situation.

Root Problems

The root system of a tree indicates its overall health. Decaying roots are weakened and may not be able to hold the tree in place.

This puts the tree at risk of falling over and damaging your home or other personal property. If tree roots extend too close to your septic system, sewer line, or driveway, this can lead to major problems and costly repairs.

Before the problem gets out of hand, have an expert look at the situation to determine how to remedy the situation.

Potential Household Damage

Trees that grow too close to your home pose potential risks. They can break power lines, damage your roof, crack your foundation, or invade your sewer lines or pipes.

Sometimes the best way to prevent potential damage and high repair costs is to remove the tree. Removing a tree on your own can be dangerous. Be sure to have a reputable tree removal service assess the problem and remove the tree if necessary.

Falling Branches

Twigs fall, but healthy branches should stay intact. Loose and falling branches may indicate a disease that can spread throughout the tree.

If you do nothing, the disease could take over the entire tree. In this situation, the tree dies and can fall on your home, car, or property.

If you see branches falling from your trees, getting help right away could save them. A tree expert will be able to tell you if you need tree removal or other services.

Storm Damage

Storms can seriously damage trees and even uproot them. In these cases, removal is necessary.

Sometimes a storm can damage a tree beyond repair. When lightning strikes a tree, a portion, or even all of the tree may die.

What doesn’t die is susceptible to disease or further damage. You do not want to leave a dead or uprooted tree on your property.

Dead trees and branches on the ground could become hazards to your home and property during the next storm. Make sure to clear your property of dead or dying trees as soon as possible following a storm.

Personal Preference

Sometimes a homeowner doesn’t like the way a tree interferes with their landscape or blocks their view in some way. A new homeowner may want to change the look of the property and make it more to their taste.

Some homeowners like more of an open look while others don’t want any trees close to their home. It’s your property, and you can have a tree removed for any reason you want.

Remember that removing a tree requires skill and precision. It may look easy, but it’s a dangerous process unless you’re an expert.

Put safety first and enlist the help of a professional tree removal service for the job.

Know the Signs of a Sick Tree

If you notice any of these signs of a sick tree, it’s better to address the situation right away. A dying or diseased tree could be a danger to your home or property.

Depending on the issue, waiting too long could result in further damage and expensive repairs. If you think you need a tree removal service in Venice, FL, we’re here to help!

Contact us today for an assessment.

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