Hiring a Tree Removal Service

Hiring a Tree Removal Service

There are over 180,000 tree-trimming businesses in the US.

You may have broken limbs, an overgrown tree, or an old tree that needs to get removed.

Tree trimming and removal can be dangerous and involves lowering heavy pieces of wood shock-loads, ropes, and pullies. It is critical that your company be properly licensed and prepared.

A legitimate tree removal service will bring the right equipment and insurance. This is not a job for your local handyman.

What should you look for before hiring a tree service in Venice, FL? Let’s take a look.


Because of the danger of tree removal, it is important that your tree removal service is licensed. While no formal license is required in Florida, licensing may be required for certain services, such as applying pesticides.

Sarasota County is in the process of revising its Code of Ordinances regarding trees. Contact them for more information.

Sarasota County currently requires tree permits for tree removal or relocation. They are also required for pruning or injury to trees in a Canopy Road Protection Zone or Right-of-Way, or for planting trees within the Right-of-Way. You will need to apply for an environmental permit before doing any work.


Your company should have insurance in case an employee gets injured while on your property. It also protects you from a lawsuit in case anything happens while the company is cutting down trees.

Liability insurance will protect your company in case there is any damage to your property or possessions. Worker’s compensation insurance will cover any employees’ injuries or lost income.

Ask your tree-trimmers for proof of insurance before hiring them. Then call the insurance company to make sure the insurance policy is current.

Get Recommendations

Ask trusted friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations before hiring a tree-trimmer. Look up companies online and read reviews.

Many times, online reviewers give realistic, anecdotal accounts of their experiences. If you see a few different customers saying the same thing, chances are it is a good indication of what your experience will be like.

Ask if your company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. This will allow you to review any complaints that may have been filed against them. If the company you are considering is not a BBB member, check with your local consumer protection agency.

Ask Questions

A reputable company will be able to give you a list of satisfied customers that you can call. Ask the references about the transparency of the company.

Did they feel comfortable communicating their needs and wishes? Did the workers arrive promptly? Was the work done satisfactorily?

Be sure to communicate your exact needs to prospective tree services companies. Do not let them talk you into removing trees or “topping” them when you want to keep them. Topping is a less expensive alternative to removing a tree, but it will leave you with only a stump remaining.

Compare details while you are getting estimates.

Does your company plan to haul away the brush? Will they be trimming only the dead branches? Will the stump get ground?

You will get a good idea of which companies are offering you reasonable services, and which ones are trying to upsell you.

Get It In Writing

Beware of tree services that want to start working before an estimate get drawn up. Don’t put any money down before the work is complete. You should also ask for a written contract.

Your estimate should detail exactly what work will get done, and how much it will cost. There should be no surprises once it comes time to pay.

Tree-trimming can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000, depending on where you live and how large your tree is.

Tree removal is a bit more expensive. It will likely cost between $220 and $810 per foot, depending upon where you live.

Check For Equipment

Make sure that your crew arrives with basic safety equipment, such as goggles and steel-toed shoes. If your tree is tall, climbers should also come equipped with a helmet, saddle, and arborist climbing ropes.

Do not hire anyone who arrives with a ladder. It is very dangerous to remove tree limbs this way.

If your tree-trimmer is working on a tree that is valuable to you, insist that they use ropes or an aerial lift, rather than climbing spikes. These can damage the cambium of a tree.

Find out if your company has an arborist on staff. These professionals have passed an exam covering the basics of arboriculture. They also need to have had three years of experience in professional tree care.

Watch Around Wires

Your tree may have to get trimmed because it is located around important electrical wires. Most tree companies have someone on staff who can repair telephone or cable wires if they are accidentally cut.

When it comes to electrical wires, however, your utility company may need to be called. They will have to shut off your cable and transformer. If the masthead connecting your cables to the house needs to be repaired, an electrician will need to get called.

Wire damage can affect your neighbors’ electricity as well. Be sure to ask your company about their experience if you need someone to work where wires are present.

The Right Tree Removal Service

The right tree removal service will be licensed, insured, and experienced in the work you need them to do. With a little research, you can find a great tree removal service in Venice, FL.

For more information, contact us today.

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