What to know about Tree Maintenance in Venice, Florida

What to know about Tree Maintenance in Venice, Florida

The state of Florida is home to hundreds of variety of trees. And with the region’s temperate climate this generally makes for a welcoming environment, too.

However, the state is no stranger to wild weather with the regular threat of gale-force winds caused by off-shore hurricanes, some of which make it to land, too.

This is why regular maintenance of the trees in your yard is paramount. Not only for safety during bouts of stormy weather but the overall aesthetic of your home.

Here’s what you expect from a professional tree service in Venice, Fl.

Calling in the Professionals: An Expert Tree Service in Venice, Fl

Tree pruning is a job that’s best left to professionals.

Sure, you can do it yourself. But an expert tree service knows exactly what to look for in terms of potential dangers around your yard. And they also have an eye for detail in order to keep your yard in top shape.

When it comes to hiring a tree service professional, there are few key considerations to remember.

First, they must be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This means they have been properly trained as an arborist and have the necessary skill you’d expect from a professional.

Make sure to check for their proof of worker’s compensation. As well as all necessary permits and licenses to operate in the state of Florida. Don’t be shy when asking for references and comparing arborist’s quotes. You are under no obligation to settle on the first proposal you are offered!

Here’s what you should know about tree pruning and what any professional tree service should offer…

Why is Tree Pruning Important?

Tree pruning is actually more complicated than it looks. It’s all about strategically removing tree limbs that are diseased. This could ultimately save the rest of the tree – aesthetics are really just secondary.

In a nutshell, professional tree pruning takes the risk out of having big, beautiful trees in your yard. Correct pruning also makes trees all-the-more resilient to hurricane damage.

When a professional tree service is hired to tend to your yard, this is generally what you can expect:

  • They remove all diseases, injured, and dead branches
  • They remove or shorten the length of stems which compete with the main trunk of the tree, which keeps the tree strong and balanced
  • They create a uniform look and shape to each tree by removing crisscrossed branches that look out-of-place

Aside from the physical pruning of trees, a professional service also manages the mulching process of the soil around each tree. Here’s what’s involved:


Mulch helps to moderate the soil temperature around a tree. Basically, this regulates the warmth of its root system in the summer and winter months.

Mulching also aids in maintaining a good level of soil moisture throughout the year, reducing the water requirements of each tree.

A tree service professional follows a few important steps to ensure each tree is adequately mulched. Some of these steps include:

  • Building a two-three-inch layer of mulch, comprised of coarse materials such as pine nuggets, applied at a depth of four-inches
  • Removing old mulch which can become matted and clogged over time, preventing water and air from reaching the soil below
  • Mulching the correct area around each tree, known as the drip line, which is at least eight feet in diameter
  • Avoiding volcano mulching- excessive amounts of mulch piled against the tree base, which can cause trunk rot

Finally, mulching is also important because it keeps weeds at bay, reduces soil erosion, and boosts the overall health of your soil.

Hurricane Maintenance

As mentioned, the state of Florida is prone to hurricanes and galeforce winds which pose a serious threat to trees and homeowners alike.

Essentially, trees must be regularly pruned to encourage both strength and form. In order to prepare the trees in your yard for hurricane winds, a professional will carry out the following:

  • Remove rubbing and overlapping branches
  • Remove injured, diseased or weak branches
  • Prune or remove co-dominant or multi-trunks to encourage the growth of one main, central trunk for strength
  • Prune excess lateral branches to produce a ladder effect as a tree matures
  • Remove water sprouts and root suckers
  • Remove limbs that turn inward or extend too far past the width of the tree

Some key processes that should be avoided when maintaining trees include tree topping and excessive lifting.

Tree topping involves removing the canopy of the tree, leaving stubby branches behind. Topping is extremely unhealthy for trees as it encourages decay in the trunk and main branches. And also attract wood-boring insects.

Excessive lifting involves the pruning of lower branches to provide clearance for cars and other structures. However, excessive lifting causes a tree to become top-heavy. It also reduces trunk tapering and increases branch failure. Ultimately, it disfigures the natural beauty of a tree.

So, beware of tree service professionals who recommend or punt these services as they are not healthy tree pruning practices!

When Should Trees Be Pruned?

Ideally, it’s best to prune the trees in your yard during the dormant, winter season. This helps to encourage new growth when spring swings around.

In Florida, it’s especially important to schedule your tree pruning services before the hurricane season hits. This helps to prevent damage to your property and harm to others.

Generally, large trees should be professionally pruned once a year, during the cooler season.

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