A healthy and diverse fish population is an important part of creating an environmentally balanced lake. Fish may be used to accomplish certain management goals as well. Aquatic Consulting, Inc. can analyze your needs and provide an appropriate fish stocking program.

Gamefish: Largemouth bass, bluegill and catfish are native fish commonly used for stocking Florida lakes for future recreational use.

Mosquito/Midge fly control: ACI may recommend a stocking plan of fish that will help control mosquito and/or midge fly larvae by eating them when they hatch in the water. We also provide chemical and biological treatments, and incorporate stocking fish as part of an overall plan.

Vegetation Control: Florida Lakes with certain weed problems may benefit from a management program utilizing a combination of herbicide applications and stocking with Grass Carp, a weed-eating fish. ACI can assist with the necessary permits and barricades as well as the actual delivery of live fish. We see great results for many years in lakes that we have stocked grass carb.

At your request, Aquatic Consulting, Inc. can outline a stocking program tailored to your needs and budget. We will discuss recommended species, numbers of fish, governmental requirements, expected results, timing and costs. As always, we welcome your phone call and enjoy the opportunity to have a no cost no obligation discussion regarding your specific needs and options.

For complete information on fish stocking, call Aquatic Consulting, Inc.